The Most Wonderful Night Of The Year

Last night was OSCAR SUNDAY!

I just love every minute of it!

From The  Red Carpet to the WHOLE SHOW!!

And then the next morning, I love to watch Live with Kelly from the Dolby Theater stage!!

Last Year I dragged Kelsey to sit in the audience for the Live With Kelly and Micheal (RIP) special.

After staying

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 26: Actor Viola Davis attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

up all night, we both slept for almost the whole filming. So we decided never to do it again! But it was a lot of fun to go!

The stage! (before I fell asleep!)

And now I would like to spend a minute telling you all about how AMAZING Jimmy Kimmel was tonight since all the stories will be about the Best Picture flub tomorrow. But honestly, Jimmy Kimmel was so amazing! He absolutely rocked it and was true to himself and so sooo funny! I really enjoyed the whole show!

And about the big news of the night and the only thing we will all be talking about for weeks to come….. I was hoping for a Moonlight win and thinking that La La Land might take it. I feel so bad for Warren Beatty because you can really tell he didn’t know what he was supposed to do! He knew he had the wrong card! But it wasn’t his fault. And the La La Land producers were the most gracious losers and we should all take this as an example of how to act in all aspects of our life.

Minutes OVER! Let’s get the the dresses!!!

My Top 3:

Fun Fact: I also spent some time taking pictures  (coming soon) right where Viola’s limos were parked waiiting for her to be ready to make the trip to the Oscar stage.

Honorable Mentions:

The Misses:

While I think she looks beautiful in this dress, the hair was a miss for me!

While the dress was pretty as she walked the stage to present, up close it just made it a miss. But I still do always love a vintage moment!

Now for just 1 rant!

MEN! Whereever you go, make sure your tux pants are the right length! This baggy look just looks horrible! It truly isn’t THAT difficult to get your pants hemmed! You are dressed up in a beautiful tux and you ruin it since you won’t cut a few inches off the bottom of your too long pants! Come On Matt Damon!!!


Take Notes From Dev Patel and Mahershala Ali. They know what they are doing!


And to leave you off! My favorite moment of the show! That Sonny! He is such a doll! I just want to hug him!!

Washing Away The Day

I became interested in Arbonne because of the skincare.

Before I found Arbonne, I was having a lot of trouble controlling my acne even though I was spending a lot of time each night taking care of it. It can get extremely draining, especially when it isn’t working!

With Arbonne, I am 5 nights a week I spend about 90-seconds on my cleansing regime. The other 2 nights I apply a 7-minute mask which takes about a minute to apply and then I wait 7 minutes to wash it off while I get ready for the next day.

What’s different about this mask is I can do anything I want without worrying anything is going to happen! With all my other masks I tried to be careful as I waited the allotted time because I was scared they would move (sheet masks) or scared they would get anywhere and ruin my clothes.

Below is my night routine with Arbonne! (I will explain the differences in my morning routine underneath!)

Remember, all these products do not contain parabens, animal-byproducts, dyes, fragrances, waxes or petroleum. Arbonne makes products that are Pure. Safe. and Beneficial.

Obviously, we start with cleanser. This cleanser is very mild, but is also strong enough to take off your makeup!

Next, spray a few spritzes of the regenerating toner. YES, toner is important to prepare your skin for the next steps!

After the toner dries, apply what I like to call the Magic Pads! Arbonne still calls them the Genius Pads. These pads have been amazing for my acne scars! They are clinically proven to improve skin moisture, elasticity, and firmness.

They will come in a box with the pads and a separate solution. Pour the whole bottle of the solution over the pads and you are ready to go! The solution gets completely absorbed into these special pads! Let the magic begin!

Next up is the serum! This serum is amazing! 1 pump of this will go all over your face. Remember to apply from the bottom of your face to the top! Train the skin to go where you want it! No sagging here!

Last step is the Night Repair Cream Moisturizer. Made with an ultra hydrating blend of botanicals and collagen-supporting ingredients, this moisturizer feels so good on and won’t feel heavy either. But I promise your face will never feel better!

I mentioned above my morning routine is a little different! 2 things change:

– I only use the Genius Pads at night!

– I switch out my night cream for a day cream with SPF. Never leave the house to tackle the day without SPF!

The ways my skin has changed from this regime are amazing! Before I thought I had oily skin, turns out it was from the products I was using. Oily skin no more!

Before I thought I had oily skin, turns out it was from the products I was using. Oily skin no more!

My skin is clearing up I don’t have to worry about the horrible deep pimples I was getting before!

Before I was using these products I was getting pimples that were so deep, they required cortisone shots. No more, if I get anything, they are small and easily manageable. And most of them are zapped away with Arbonne’s Intensive Spot Treatment.

This stuff is magic also! I have felt things coming up, put this on the spot and when I wake up in the morning, it’s gone!

Every face is different! Which is also why all of Arbonne’s products come with a 45-money back guarantee. That’s right you can try them out, and if you aren’t happy with them, send them back and get all your money back!

Let me help you find the best products for your skin! Email me at amyasalvaria @ gmail dot com.

Sickie Valentines Day

I am not sure how I made it through the whole day yesterday…..

I definitely woke up and took an hour to get out of bed.

Immediately ordered the Antioxidant + Immunity booster from Arbonne to my door.

And somehow managed to make it through the whole workday. (No extra work…. mind you)

And bedtime was 8:30.

So then that’s the post for today. I’m probably dying in the corner surrounded by tissues. Hopefully, I’ll be back Friday.

In My Life… I’m All about Shine

I love shine from my jewelry and I definitely love the glow of healthy skin!

When it comes to my nails, there is no better feeling than a beautiful and fresh manicure and pedicure…. until it chips.

Gels wreaked havoc on my nails and left them thin, brittle and hurting. And especially when the reports came out of the setting light causing cancer, I did my research to find another option.

Enter OPI Infinite Shine.

OPI is a brand I have known for a very long time. My mom used OPI polishes exclusively when I was a little girl. I learned my love of a weekly manicure from her.

Except it started getting difficult to find the time to devote to getting myself to the nail salon every week.

The great part of Infinite shine is I can get close to 2 weeks out of my manicure without very evident chips showing up. And my pedicure, I can go 3-4 weeks without needing a new pedicure.

The Infinite Shine system is a special base coat, polish and top coat I found at my beauty supply (I’ve even bought some bottles from Rite Aid before). I bought them for myself since at nail salons they charge about $5 extra each time. If you bring your own in they charge you the price of a regular mani/pedi! #MoneySavingAtItsFinest

I am a pink/red girl when it comes to my manicures and pedicures, but the line does have colors for everyone!



I find it hard to paint using these polishes myself because they are almost stiffer to put on. So I just go to my favorite salon for a manicure/pedicure. It also lets me have a moment to relax with a magazine and take a mental break!

Another tip, the first coat will look very stringy and uneven! Do not freak out! The second coat really evens it out!

(close up on 1 coat on my finger!)

Infinite Shine keeps my nails shining and looking great! This definitely keeps me happy!

The Post I Didn’t Expect to Write… Week 1 of the Arbonne Healthy Living Detox

When I joined Arbonne, I joined for safe skincare and makeup. I did not join for the Healthy Living. Sure, I thought about ordering some calcium pills down the road…. but me and protein powder…. we do not mix! Plus I’m thin I don’t need to worry about the calories I take in.

I was wrong.

As I started my cleanse Monday morning, I wasn’t sure what I had signed myself up for but I was willing to try. By Tuesday night, I was debating with myself whether I could continue to live with this diet for the rest of my life!

Many of my friends have asked me if I’m hungry. My answer is Absolutely NOT! I’ve been eating more in a day than I think I ever have in my life!

And when people ask me if I can feel a difference in my body, I immediately say YES!

As long as I can remember I have always lived in a state of exhaustion. I can remember saying to my roommates at a lunch Senior year that all I wanted was a nap one afternoon and both of them responding “seems about right!” I have always loved a good nap or wished for one. As I grew busier in my adult life, the desire for a nap grew greater. Until Monday afternoon. I never even thought about a nap.

In fact, I haven’t thought about taking a nap all week.

And now onto my sugar dependence.

Honestly, until today I never felt any withdrawal symptoms. I was expecting them, definitely. I have never been without sugar for 4 days ever in my life.

To combat my cravings and withdrawals, I had 2 of Arbonne’s Fit Chews today. I chose the caramel flavored ones, but Arbonne does also make chocolate and lemon flavored chews.

They truly do satiate my sweet tooth.

The last positive lifestyle change I’ve seen is I’m cooking my own meals. Yes, I really am cooking my own meals. I even made up a recipe Wednesday night. And all over the world, my friends are gasping and re-reading that last sentence because they can’t believe their eyes.

I haven’t been a great photographer, but I will try harder next week!

Wednesday night I browned some ground turkey to add to a roasted pepper for Wednesday night mixed with zucchini, bell pepper, and brown rice.

Here’s my snapchat final product (sorry, I don’t have any other pictures!) but it was great!

Tonight I added the ground turkey/bell pepper/ zucchini mix to pasta sauce. Since I’m not eating gluten, I used brown rice spaghetti. It was great! I’ve always had a huge love of pasta (I am part Italian!) so I am really happy to find a great alternative to pasta that tastes great!

I do have to say…. my favorite part of this week is feeling this great and knowing this can be my new normal!

Wanderlust…. Come Travel Away With Me

Chloe + Isabel launched the Spring collection last night!

Once again the designers have completely OUTDONE themselves!

The Spring Collection is divided into 5 different collections.

Statement Makers

Aren’t these Statement Makers gorgeous?! And normally I don’t even wear a lot of statement pieces!


Parisian Belle


This collection is inspired by the adventurous Parisian traveler with intricate, heirloom-inspired and colorful crystals for your adventurous side.


Misty Morning

Inspired by the foggy backdrop of Budapest, this collection includes the beautiful colors of Spring designed to awaken a fresh new look. The beautiful cool- blues, crackled mints and lavenders will set you apart in a crowd.


Sunset Vista









Sometimes the destination is as beautiful as the journey. The vintage-inspired design and glamorous look set with the semi-precious cherry quartz gives you the look of the beautiful 1920’s era. Have fun stepping back in time!


Modern Mosaic

The modern geo-cut details of this silver collection are inspired by the art and architecture of Turkey. The beauty of these striking silhouettes and watery mother of pearl will blow you away!


Turkish Delight

These pieces were inspired by the beautiful handpainted tilework of Istanbul. The semi-precious howlite, turquoise and coral stones add a splash of color for this season and beyond!


As always you can shop my boutique from the button on the right or by clicking here!

Superbowl Sunday (and Monday) Ain’t Easy

Whether you’re celebrating a Patriots WIN

Or recovering from a devastating Falcons LOSS

You definitely snacked a ton yesterday


And you probably want to just stay in bed all day today.

But I’m started my day with a detox tea and a fizz stick to wake up and somehow I will make it through my day. But I promise I will still be sluggish….

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the new Spring Collection from Chloe and Isabel!  I can definitely say its beautiful and I’m so excited for it to go on sale!!

30 Days To Healthy Living

Hi, my name is Amy and I am addicted to sugar.

Well…. at least I can admit it?

This is the candy I have right now….. Whoops! (I really like the conversation hearts, and you can only get them in January and February!)

It is finally time to do something about it.

Enter Arbonne.

When I found Arbonne I was really just looking at the skincare and the makeup. You see it’s vegan and it has been AMAZING for all of my sensitive skin. I didn’t really think I needed to change to a vegan diet.


The more I listened to the stories of people who had tried the 30 Days to Healthy Living detox, I kept thinking I need to do it. If only to just detox myself off sugar.

So starting Monday I am going cold turkey. All this candy (let’s be real…. what’s left) is going in the trash.

I have stocked up on quinoa, rice and almond milk and grass fed chicken (I will never go all vegan!)

Here are the essentials from Arbonne:

Protein Powder in Chocolate & Vanilla


To make the shakes. 2 scoops of this protein powder contains 20 grams of protein!

Fiber Boost (to add to the shakes)


This tasteless powder gives you most of the fiber you should have in your daily diet without those gross chalky drinks.

Digestion Boost

80% of your immune system resides in your gut. Cleaning out your gut will keep you healthy and feeling great!

Herbal Detox Tea

A mix of herbs to drink hot or cold to continue detoxing.

Energy Fizz Sticks

These will be a game changer! Two different flavors give you a boost of energy for your mid morning or mid afternoon slump and it also tastes great in the Herbal Detox Tea!

and a 7-day cleanse

Week 3 an extra deep cleaning to rid yourself of the toxins that just don’t want to leave!

This isn’t even half of the food you will take in a day. And there are so many other products to encourage healthy living from Arbonne!

Does this interest you? There will be another 30-day program starting on the 20th. Get in touch with me to join!

Where I’ve Been? Where I’m Going to go!


Since this is how most of my 2016 went


While I have been away for awhile I have been thinking about starting up again so many times. I just took on 2 part time jobs in 2016 and I couldn’t possibly wrap my mind around putting up blog posts.

Then in November, I met an amazing angel who taught me to spend my time doing things I enjoy, and at that point, it won’t feel like work and you will make time for it.

She was soooo very right and I have added a new passion project in (more on that later!) and decided that I wanted to blog again. Three days a week for now, but who knows when that will change. I promise to keep you updated on all things me and all of the opinions I have about EVERYTHING! So roll into 2017 with me!


How I’m hoping to end most weeks of 2017 after all the hard work I put in!

Cheers to dreams coming true and expanding in 2017!!

La Dolce Vita

Last night was the best Tuesday night of the month!

You know why?!

Because Chloe & Isabel launched their January Capsule and it is SOOO good!

This capsule is called La Dolce Vita – The Sweet Life in Italian

There are so many gorgeous pieces that I just have to share it with you!

The Collection is broken into 3 different smaller collections


La Dolce Vita- Inspired by the ornate art, architecture and design of Italy.

Created using gold leaf ivory + jet resin, black diamond crystal pavé set in antique gold plating

The Chain Reactions

The Endless Pavé Link Necklace and Bracelet use a great clasp that makes it appear endless. So excited for these!

And the Tortoise + Chain Convertible is so much fun and can be worn 5 different ways. You really get so many unique and different necklaces out of this one Super Convertible.

Jan16_Watermarked_20 tortoise super convertible

Last Up! The Sweet Sets great for gifting for Valentine’s Day

I am so in love with this capsule collection.

Which pieces are your favorite?